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estudio celeiro founder/manager; designer; certified yoga instructor; ayurvedic reflexology; "mano etna"

Olá, I'm Diana! I’m the founder and manager of Estúdio Celeiro.
I was born in Porto and I have a strong background in creative
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certified yoga instructor

Hi! I’m Catarina, an inspired Yoga teacher that has been exploring Yoga and spiritual practices since 2008.I’ve  started my Yoga... read more

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certified yoga instructor

Namaste, my name is Jasper a human be-in(g). I have always been interested in the power of the mind. We are so conditioned to search... read more


musician; kundalini yoga
KundalEssence Yoga & The Gong Song

BenJahmin spent his formative years in Manchester/ UK, soaking up the diverse music influences of this rain-drenched city and ... read more

certified yoga instructor

Hello,I'm Mary and I am a Yoga and Somatics teacher, Doula and I teach Yoga & Somatics Classes at Estúdio Celeiro...  read more


somatic & teta healing

Hi, I am Puja! My passion for emotional and trauma healing led me to explore and complete several trainings in the therapy... read more

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ayurveda &  natural gynecology;
shirodara therapy

Olá! My name is Maria and I am a practicioner of Ayurvedic Medicine, Natural Gynecology &  an Educator.
My doorway into this....
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founder & manager of "inline home design"; architect; interior designer

Hi! I'm Bárbara and I'm an architect for more than 12 years, 6 of them based in London. I'm a Yoga and a Sacred Geometry... read more