puja (mariana clavel)

Puja (Mariana Clavel)

Hi, I am Puja! My passion for emotional and trauma healing led me to explore and complete several trainings in the therapy field, such as Psychology, Primal Therapy®, Tantra, Osho Active Meditations, Subtle Body Healing®, Somatic Experience®, ThetaHealing®…

Blessed to work with what I love at most, I have been dedicated since 2011 to share methods, techniques and experiences that were, and still are, important tools in my own personal growth.

I became a ThetaHealing Certified Instructor in 2015 and since then, teaching this amazing transformative tool, has been one of my main passions.

Working with Body Awareness, Primal, Tantra and Sexuality are also a central topic in my life.  And for the past years I have been developing programs that combine all these techniques and offering them in groups workshops, retreats, etc.

In one-to-one sessions I combine several tools and techniques depending on the person´s needs!


The goal in the sessions is to support a process of transformation – from the blocking conditionings of the past that prevent us to move forward in life – to the reconnection of the soul: bringing more authenticity, openness and groove into our lives.I do believe that when we stop avoiding the ghosts of our past and we start facing these memories with awareness & the right tools for emotional liberation – we break free from the numbness that prevents us to experience life fully with all our potential.


The inner question that guides my daily journey is: “How can I open myself more to experience the juice and sacredness of life?


With love,

Puja | Mariana Clavel