If surfing is your "yang" let yoga be your "yin"

Surfers Yin classes, now at our studio!

Excited to announce that this summer I will guide Yin classes especially designed for surfers again. Surfing is a beautiful joyful activity and a wonderful workout at the same time. If we surf we also ask a lot from our bodies. Often work that softens the body, elongation, we forget because catching waves is more exciting.

Surfing is full of movement, rhythm and repetition. Our muscles expand and contract, growing stronger. It is a "yang" form of exercise. Limiting our bodies to the yang, we tend to lose the natural softness becoming more inflexible and growing increasingly tight.

In order to keep the momentum, the longevity in our bodies, we need to combine mix the yang with the yin.

Therefore, if surfing is your “yang”, let yoga be your “yin.”

Yin yoga can help to maintain & regain your fluidity and natural softness so you can enjoy your surf even more and prevent yourself from injuries.

See you SOON! Mieke


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