diana capitão

Diana Capitão

Olá, I’m Diana! I’m the founder and manager of Estúdio Celeiro.

I was born in Porto and I have a strong background in creative and wellbeing activities. I’m an  architect, art-director, branding & graphic designer, certified yoga & meditation instructor, and owner of an ethnic handicrafts brand.

Having practiced for over 16 years and trained in the “yoga capital” Rishikesh (India) , I’ve been teaching back in India, UK, France and Portugal since 7 years now.
I fell in love with Yoga since the very beginning but it was after an injury, while strengthen and balance the mind & body with the help of Yoga, that the practice have transformed me on so many levels - I feel a strong sense of responsibility to share it, which initially inspired and continues to inspire me to teach.
My main principle is that Yoga is not only a physical practice but a spiritual one where the practitioner dives deep in the study of the Self and learns to attain a higher level of consciousness.

I’ve been living and working in different places around the world and during my travels, different civilizations, arts, stories, colours and patterns, have always fascinated me. The ancient and indigenous world brought me a strong interest into alternative ways of life, sustainability, and different forms of art & architecture using Nature as resource; and also made me create my own recent brand Mano Etna (a platform preserving, promoting and showcasing ethnic handicrafts from tribes around the world).

After working for several years as an architect in different world capitals, I’ve moved to India for a few other ones, where I’ve been constantly inspired by the country’s vivid colours and strong visual impact. Lately I’ve been involved in multi-disciplinary works, mainly as an interiors architect, art director, designer for branding, visual identity, concepts and set design - always moved by images, colours and textures, and everything that is visual!

With this passion for art, discovery and cultivating human connections I create meaningful design solutions and experiences for brands and audiences and through collaboration with a diverse range of clients & varied industries (small and independent businesses; wellbeing retreats; hospitality; cinema; music artists, photo & video shoots, etc).

I create work I love, and I believe in what I do!