cata (catarina marques silva)

Catarina Marques Silva

Hi! I’m Catarina, an inspired Yoga teacher that has been exploring Yoga and spiritual practices since 2008.

I’ve  started my Yoga practice in Sintra with an Iyengar teacher and after moving to Amsterdam I’ve explored other styles of this beautiful practice. I took a teacher training (200h Hatha-Vinyasa in Kerala, south of India).
Living between Amsterdam and South East Asia, teaching and studying Yoga, I’ve been trained also in Yoga Nidra (20 h, Amsterdam) and Yin Yoga (100 h, Bali) and I love the restorative practices and the benefits of finding the balance of the Yin and Yang in our lives.

Besides yoga, music and nature make my heart beat with joy!


2020 brought me back to Portugal, my home country, to share my biggest passion:

Yoga as the union with the self!